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Interviewing / Hiring Software

Active Interview (
Simple video interviewing for smarter recruiting. Active Interview is a video enabled, candidate screening web application. Hiring managers create custom questionnaires that candidates answer online using nothing more than a browser and a web-cam. Active Interview provides consistency of interview questions, custom tailored questions for specific positions, and the fact that videos can be replayed and viewed by a group of reviewers.

Adler Group (
Workshops for Hiring Professionals

AkkenCloud (
AkkenCloud is a 100% web-based, integrated software platform for the staffing and recruiting industry. It has a fully integrated front office, back office and intra office. AkkenCloud helps staffing and recruiting companies to operate efficiently, drive revenue growth, and continuously nurture your talent and brand, from any device, anywhere, anytime.

HireVue (
HireVue's Talent Interaction Platform augments existing applicant tracking, talent management and social applications, accelerating productivity and decision-making by delivering high-definition clarity into people's character, cultural fit, personality, and potential. The platform includes HireVue's flagship digital screening and live interviewing capabilities, as well as new solutions for sourcing, skills validation and onboarding - enabling Hi-Def Digital Recruiting. (
HireSpider is an entirely web-based hiring and applicant management system that supports complete job and candidate tracking and allows you to create powerful careers sites for your company.

Huddle Recruit (
Huddle Recruit provides a platform for conducting video interview, self interviews, and to share documents in a secure and real time environment.

Interview Coordinator (
Interview Coordinator is an online tool that allows managers to efficiently organise the hiring process. The software will track applicants, select, pre-screen, coordinate opinions, video interview and generally help the hiring manager to get from campaign launch through interviews and on to hiring as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Interview Edge (
Tools to help managers hire top talent.

Interview Master (
Interview Master is a free web based tool for conducting online video interviews without interviewer. The product is based on the concept of Automated video interviews which comes with provision for recruiters to pre-record video questions, setup interviews, and invite any number of candidates in a few minutes. This is followed by an automated process which helps even candidates with minimum technical knowledge to attend interviews whenever they are free from location of their choice and interviews are available in a structured inbuilt evaluation tool to the line manager at convenience.

Interview Mocha (
Interview Mocha is a cloud based pre-employment testing solution that offers everything to recruit quality candidates and reduce administrative hassles in recruitment. Unlike competing products with steep pricing tiers and hidden strings, Interview Mocha is priced affordably. Built with an emphasis on making recruitment fast & easy - we offer hundreds of test libraries, custom tests, recruiter productivity boosting features, online proctoring, easy decisive reporting and a lot more

Interviewer's Toolkit (
The Interviewer's Toolkit, a web-based application, dramatically transforms the interview and hiring process. Helps employers systematically select the BEST candidate and reduce turnover costs. Includes over 500 interview questions. Sign up for a 15 day FREE TRIAL. No credit card required. Within minutes of logging in, you'll be ready to conduct interviews anywhere in the world!

Software to manage the interviewing and hiring process to ensure that only the best employees are hired.

Omni Leadership (
Omni's Interview Management module provides comprehensive automated interviewing support for organizations. Based on a position's competency requirements, it generates a structured behavioral interviewing system complete with individual interview guides, electronic distribution and candidate assignment, and data capturing/tracking/reporting capabilities.

Recruiters Network (
The Association for Internet Recruiting

Sawtooth Software (
Software for General Computer Interviewing

Spark Interview (
Spark interview is an online and mobile tool to record the video interview. Define your own set of questions for every job. Of this you can specify the number of questions to ask a candidate. and can invite the unlimited candidates to attend the interview thro mobile without interviewer. whenever the interviewer is free they can use our tool to evaluate the candidates.

SumTotal Recruiting & Hiring (
SumTotal Recruiting & Hiring streamlines the entire hiring lifecycle from talent needs assessment, requisition creation, and sourcing to candidate selection and onboarding.

VidCruiter (
VidCruiter provides high quality video interviewing and applicant tracking software. Some of their clients include GM, Groupon, and Express Employment Professionals. Visit their website today for more information. (
Candidates record a video interview at home. You review the interview the next day. Extremely user friendly, easy distribution, easy integration, great privacy tools.

Kronos Workforce (
HR software and recruiting software can't meet the field hiring needs of managers who aren't career recruiters. Hiring a frontline workforce is high-volume, continuous process and it requires an automated hiring management system that's easy for store managers to use. Workforce Acquisition™ is the proven hiring management software used by more distributed/frontline workforces in the U.S. than any other.