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Employee/Personnel Selection Software

The Assessment Team (
Profiles International assessments are designed for managers who want to select the right person, improve employee retention, satisfaction, and performance. Customized to meet your unique needs, we help you hire people that fit the job and your company.

Axiom Software Ltd (
Windows and web-based recruitment and HR software incorporating a range of skills, aptitude and personality tests and assessments.

Best Merit - A Complete Recruitment skill assessment tool (
Bestmerit's Online Examination System (BESTMERIT™) is a complete exam management solution which allows institutions and organizations to arrange, conduct and manage any objective examination via online. It is a web based multi-purpose online system that can be used in education, training, recruitment, marketing, and many other applications. BESTMERIT™ can also be customized to suit your specific requirements. - Pre-Employment & Clerical Testing, Typing Keypad (
We are a testing and pre-testing site for employers, recruiters and job seekers. Take various typing tests, office skills tests, numeric key pad tests and data entry tests. All come with Printable certificates verifying your skills and a way to email results to potential employers. Employers can re-test applicants using our VCS technology.

Brainbench (
Brainbench's advanced assessment products and services make it easy for you to predict employee success by identifying the best match to the essential aspects of the job (skills, personality, aptitude, etc.). ISO9001:2000 certified, Brainbench assessments are of the highest quality.

Cymeon Research (
Learning Styles, Personality and SWOT Analysis. Our tests and software are designed by international experts in their field.

Data Dome, Inc. (
Maximizing Individual and Corporate Potential since 1988. Select, retain and motivate a talented workforce with assessments, processes, and win-win strategies for workforce management.

DiSC Personality Tests by Inscape Publishing (
We offer the DiSC Profile Personality Test and a full line of Training & Development materials by Inscape Publishing.

First Advantage Employment Screening & Skills Assessment (
First Advantage provides a total solution for managing the hiring process. Powering both salaried and hourly hiring and with advanced global capabilities, background screening, substance abuse testing, fingerprinting, hiring management systems, tax consulting, vendor/partner verifications, skills assessment and workplace services are integrated to meet all of your pre- and post-hiring needs. First Advantage HMS is tailored to your business.

HR Avatar Whole-Person Assessment (
Whole-person testing for hundreds of jobs. Over 200 tests, each uses simulations of job-related tasks to measure cognitive (intelligence), personality, emotional intelligence, skills, behavior, writing (if important to job). Detailed report includes interview questions, too.

Kronos Workforce Selection™ (
Our Employee Selection Tools Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring

Mercer Talent Assessment Solutions (
Combining Mercer's global thought leadership with innovative online assessment technology.

Mettl Psychometric Tests (
Mettl is the go to solution to conduct online psychometric tests globally.

PeopleKeys - Hire, Train, Retain with Confidence (
PeopleKeys offers highly validated and reliable online assessments for employee selection, evaluation, and succession planning. Complete online system offers immediate results against performance benchmarks. We offer a unique three dimensional view of Temperament, TEAMS thinking style, and Workplace Values. Free online demo.

Plus-32 Employment Testing System (
Worldclass employment testing system used by thousands of companies. Free download and evaluation

Profile Evaluations, Inc. (
The 'premier' employee selection PROGRAM for public safety communications personnel!

Real Need Software - Human Resource Assessment Software (
Real Need Software is one of the UK's leading providers of human resource assessment software. Since 1995, we have provided assessment systems for some of the UK's principal test distributors and HR assessment consultancies. With our skills and experience in both psychometric assessment and software development, we are able to respond rapidly to our clients' requirements and are able to advise on technical, psychometric and design aspects of software development projects.

Skillometer (
Skillometer provides online skills testing for today's most in-demand information technologies. Easy and cost-effective to use, our skills-testing process puts you in the driver's seat from start to finish.

Skillsarena (
The latest e-recruitment portal to improve the quality control of interview candidates to the IT industry.

SumTotal Hiring and Recruiting (
SumTotal Recruiting & Hiring software streamlines the entire hiring lifecycle from talent needs assessment, requisition creation, and sourcing to candidate selection and onboarding.

Tapdance Skills Testing Software (
TapDance's suite of skills assessment packages are the standard by which all skills tests are measured, because TapDance® has been developed and VALIDATED by a representative committee of experts from the industries that actually use the tests. Whether you are looking for typing tests or need to test the critical reasoning skills of employees in specialized fields, TapDance® is the correct choice.

TeleSoft Systems (
SPAS - Service Personnel Appraisal Software - is CD-Rom based Call Center Agent Pre-Employment Testing Software, which is Easy to Deploy, Very Cost-Effective and Highly Predictive of an Individual's Suitability for a particular Call Center Agent Position.

Tenstreet Trucking Industry Recruiter Software (
Software and services for automating the hiring process, increasing employee retention and safety, decrease turnover and improve communication between management and employees.