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Competency Management Systems(CMS)

The CMS focus is on creating an environment of sustainable competency and capturing key competencies to facilitate the creation of job descriptions. Competency-based performance management can then measure and discover learning gaps and reveal the training needs for an employee.

BullseyeEngagement (
Bullseye's Competency Management system includes a competency assessment tool that can be used by both employees and their managers; a gap report displays differences in their respective assessments.

CABEM Competency Manager (
A performance management system that provides a framework for individual competency. Train employees, manage learning pathways, and reduce risk across the organization.

Centranum (
Competency Management Software that supports all types of competencies, multiple frameworks and assessment methods, and comprehensive reporting

CompetencyCore (
Fulfill your HR mission to hire, retain and develop your best people. CompetencyCore makes it easy to create, edit and manage your job descriptions, all linked with industry-best competencies.

Cognology (
Identify champions for retention and succession programs. Create talent pipelines for leadership. Tools for HR, senior management and team leaders. One system for Competency Assessment and Competency Management.

Core Competency Training and Services (
Our Competency Management System (CMS)assists organizations to take analyzed training approach and assists in taking the right HR/training needs decisions.

Measure, engage and develop your talent with the power of competencies, made easier than ever before.

Instancy (
Competency management systems allow you to build a database of job roles and required competencies and skill levels. With Instancy, you can also link competencies and skills to recommended learning for a powerful and complete competency management system. The Instancy Competency Management System (iCMS) allows you to automate and personalize learning plans for each learner. Focus your training to develop expertise in the shortest amount of time.

Kahuna Workforce Solutions (
A solution that solves for the full lifecycle of Competency Assurance and Competency Development. Manage competency catalogues, complete assessments, model your future workforce needs, and bring all of this to life with real-time analytics to power decision making.

Lexonis (
Leverage more than 20 years of real-world competency experience. Our consultants understand what can make your competency project successful. We have helped organisations worldwide and across industry sectors to successfully implement competencies using our frameworks, software and consulting services.

Method Competency Register (
The Competency Register is a cloud based solution to help engineers provide validated evidence of competence, and for organisations to manage the competence of their engineers.

PeopleQlik (
Competency Management Competency management helps organization to assess the level of competency their employees are at and use it to build skills required to perform the job.

Polaris Learning (
Our experience puts us in a great position to understand what will give you the best result for competence and risk management. We can help you with the strategic decisions and the short term requirements.
From developing and implementation of competency management systems, health checks and streamlining of existing competency management systems, developing integrated training and competency programmes, supply chain audits, preparation for industry audits to shaping messages for your workforce, internal verification services to working with your supply chain.

Skills DB Pro (
It's never been simpler to customize, implement, and administer your competency management software. Skills DB Pro provides a versatile software system to evaluate the competency levels of current and new staff, match training resources, and speed up the growth of your workforce.

SkillStation (
Optimise your training & development activities, and the resulting increase in skills, knowledge, competence and capability. SkillStation provides you with the visibility over every aspect of your people and talent, using intuitive and powerful competency management modules that provide robust and assessed evidence of competence.

TalentGuard (
TalentGuard's Competency Manager is a cloud solution that enables companies to:
Access thousands of standardized work skills that unify employee behaviors, functional experiences, qualifications and work-style preferences.
Enable employees to showcase their skills, experiences, certifications, achievements, aspirations and work history.
View skills or jobs in demand internally and identify gaps for professional development.
Enhance job profiles by crowdsourcing employee suggestions of new skills and ranking the importance of existing ones.
Assess, rank and verify skills by coworkers based on real-world work interactions.
Gain insight into an employee's cultural and job fit through social reviews and assessments.


Competency Development for Weathering Work (

Definition of Competency - What are Competencies ? (