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Employee Feedback/Opinion Survey Software

Employee Feedback/Opinion Survey Software

HR-Survey (
20+ years experience conducting employee surveys. Not sure what questions you want to ask? Our website has item selector resources and demo versions to help you. We work with you to create an online survey that will get the results you are looking for.

DataStar, the Survey Specialists (
DataStar is a leading provider of survey management and data processing services, specializing in employee feedback surveys and 360 assessments.

AAIM Employers' Association (
Today's employees expect to be heard and want to be involved. Companies can effectively listen to employees and involve them in shaping the success of their organizations through AAIM's Employee Opinion and Engagement Survey.
AAIM works with organizations to develop and administer confidential surveys and customize as needed. Our core survey is based on 68 closed-ended, validated questions, with an engagement index and normative data for external comparison. AAIM experts will make an unbiased presentation of the survey results and recommendations to the company's leadership team within four weeks of survey close. We also facilitate confidential focus groups to provide further clarity on survey results.

Allegiance Enterprise Feedback Management (
Allegiance is the premier provider of enterprise feedback management solutions, proven to help organizations obtain honest, real-time feedback from customers, employees and partners.

AnalyseSurvey - online / offline HR survey solution (
Organizations thrive on the insights that information contains but find the survey process costly and painful. AnalyseSurvey is a comprehensive online software that transforms this scenario. AnalyseSurvey is an end-to-end comprehensive online / offline HR survey solution. CEO Infotech, through its AnalyseSurvey Division, capably manages all your survey requirements starting from conceptualization, design, communication, presentation and recommendation.

Avatar Solutions (
An innovative survey, data measurement, and performance improvement company that specializes in the following surveys: Employee Survey, Physician Survey, Patient Survey, CAHPS Survey, Exit Survey, and New Hire Survey. By providing accurate data, a top-notch online reporting system, and intuitive action-planning tools, we enable our clients to improve engagement levels, the quality of service, and overall culture at their organization. Avatar works with some of the most well-known organizations in the nation, allowing our clients to benchmark against the best.

Beeliner Surveys/Spinfish (
Create and manage effective online and email surveys in minutes. Beeliner online survey software lets you conduct in-depth, professional surveys from the web or in an email message. Our flexible pricing options let you run your online survey for as short as a month. Brand your online survey with YOUR logo, YOUR colors. Beeliner helps make your web and email surveys look professional and businesslike. Try it free for 30 days.

Benchpoint - Intelligent Measurement (
Benchpoint provides multi lingual employee surveys with fully analysed results in real time. Very flexible, customisable, with many security features. Fast, cost effective. Experienced HR/Communications team does all the work for you. Self service, client operated, option available.

Best Companies Group (
We are an employee survey provider with more than 15 years of experience and collected data. Our consultants administer recognized survey tools and deliver comprehensive reporting that employers can trust. Customizable survey options ensure that your organization is capturing job satisfaction data in the most effective way for your reporting needs. Our confidential employee engagement and satisfaction surveys use questions designed to measure how passionate your employees feel about their jobs, how committed they are to your organization, and their likeliness to stay with your company long term.

Blue/Surveys and 360 feedback enterprise-class software (
Accurate, timely information is vital to any enterprise. Blue, the enterprise class survey solution, empowers the people in your organization to gather the data they need to make the right decisions faster. Whether it is a performance evaluation, 360 degree review, customer satisfaction survey or any other type of information gathering, Blue eases the creation, distribution, collection and collation of surveys. Not only that, but Blue incorporates advanced security features ensuring only authorized people view your data. Little or no training is required by this powerful, flexible, yet easy-to-use solution. If you can navigate the web, you can quickly create and distribute surveys to 100 or 100,000 people. When the results are in, another couple of minutes are all it takes to create a professional report containing rich detailed graphics allowing quick and easy analysis. Large corporations, educational institutions, healthcare institutions and government agencies all benefit from Blue.

BullseyeEngagement (
Measure employee engagement, check the pulse of your employees, solicit real-time feedback from meeting attendees, design a comprehensive client survey, or customize your own survey. Quickly analyze data using intuitive snapshots of survey results in highly configurable analytics dashboards.

Business Research Lab (
Help for you to refine your research objectives, and then will design the most appropriate survey to make certain that you obtain the information you need to make your business decision. Includes resources such as tips for conducting surveys. Also owns: website for employee surveys.

CEB Valtera (

Censeo Corporation (
Censeo offers an accurate, easy to implement, Internet-based process for conducting employee research in organizations typically referred to as "employee opinion" or "organizational effectiveness" surveys. Censeo also offers "special purpose" surveys - customized surveys designed to meet the unique measurement needs of clients where the data can be collected via an Internet platform. Censeo provides the technology and associated support to collect and analyze almost any kind of survey responses.

Checkbox® Survey Software (
Developers of web-based survey and form software for Microsoft .NET and ASP based servers. Full featured and very affordable.

CR Systems (
Employee Engagement, 360 Degree Feedback, and Psychometric Testing. We provide the tools, tests, resource and expertise to measure the people side of your business.

Customer Survey Technologies (
Employees represent your company, your products and your services - they are the face of your business. Employee engagement surveys address attitudes and concerns and serve as a basis for quality improvements and increased productivity. CST will work with you from design to implementation to develop a customised survey and reports tailored to your requirements.

Customer Thermometer (
Customer Thermometer is the only 1-click customer satisfaction and employee retention survey that can be answered from their inbox, giving you industry-leading response rates. It is an easy and unique way to gather the thoughts of your customers and staff. Write, create and send beautiful, branded emails in seconds. Your customers and employees can click directly from their email inbox. You track their responses in real time. Our 1-question surveys can be easily embedded or integrated with popular platforms & CMS tools such as Zendesk,, Intercom, Salesforce, ConnectWise, Outlook, Mailchimp, Shopify and many more. (
Online survey tool. Create simple to complex surveys in a matter of minutes with real-time results. Free account and advanced subscriptions available.

Easyresearch - online survey tool (
Conduct your own employee satisfaction surveys via email, intranet and Internet.

EngagedMetrics (
EngagedMetrics provides organizations of all sizes a powerful web based method for measuring employee satisfaction, determining employee engagement, and increasing employee retention.

EngageYourEmployees (
We are employee engagement experts with over a decade of experience helping organizations maximize the potential of their employees. is an online, employee engagement survey and process that small and large organizations can use to understand employee feedback on the items that statistically impact employee engagement and drive business results.

ETS - Employee Engagement (
An employee engagement survey measures the cognitive, emotional and behavioural aspects of employees' relationship with their employer. Studies of employee engagement surveys by organisations such as the Institute for Employment Studies show a positive correlation between increasing employee engagement and better business performance.

Expert Survey Systems, Inc (
eXpert Survey Systems, Inc. is a provider of professional and data processing services for Organizational Surveys. We are integrators of consulting, training, and technology solutions for your survey projects. We offer state-of-the-art services for employee attitude and satisfaction surveys, customer surveys, quality surveys, focus groups, executive interviews, and organization-wide surveys.

EzQ Employee Survey Tools (
The EzQ Employee Survey tools accurately and confidentially collect data from your employees and allow you to analyze key drivers of engagement. Knowing how employees view their workplace, or why they leave, gives you the business intelligence required to strategically flex and more accurately engage and compete for talent.

Genesee Survey Services, Inc. (
Making your survey effective is our commitment to your team. Genesee adds our expertise to your knowledge and vision to build a process which leads to constructive improvement.

Globalpark EFS Employee Online Survey Tool (
EFS Employee enables efficient implementation of employee surveys for medium-sized and large projects with complete process transparency and optimum security.

Global Market Insite, Inc (
GMI can develop a solution to meet your organization's precise feedback needs. We combine robust, scalable enterprise software with best-practice consulting and service, and can integrate seamlessly into any business environment and with any enterprise software application in order to gather and deliver the business intelligence you need, when you need it.

Grapevine Surveys (
Grapevine is a complete web based survey tool that allows any customer to produce and launch through email or Internet web browser their own customized online feedback survey in order to gather and analyze vital employee opinion, 360 degree appraisal, customer satisfaction or market research feedback.

Hostedware Surveys (
Provides an efficient, accurate, and easy way to collect data and increase your competitiveness. (
Web surveys for the Human Resources professional. Develop a variety of on-line (web based) surveys including salary surveys, employee opinion surveys, performance appraisal, feedback, employee suggestion surveys, and others.

Human Systems Development (
HSD Metrics provides customized and benchmarked engagement surveys, ExitRight® turnover and retention data, OnBoarding surveys, and ReferenceRight® prior employment feedback. Since 1992, HSD has provided over 800,000 respondents with questionnaire design and data capturing excellence. With instant findings and thorough analysis, clients are able to easily pinpoint solutions.

Innovative HR Solutions (
Innovative HR Solutions specializes in Internet-based employee opinion surveys. We offer twelve unique modules or can custom design questionnaires. Using a state-of-the-art survey instrument you receive timely data collection, reporting, analysis and an assessment strategy session. Internet access allows your employees to provide feedback from anywhere.

InquisiteOnline (
Founded in response to a need in the market for easily-obtained strategic intelligence. A spin-off of Catapult Systems Corp., a premier e-business consulting company, Inquisite provides the strategic intelligence companies need to make the best business decisions with just one click of a button.

Insightlink Communications (
Experts in employee survey design, data collection and analysis.

InstantSurvey (
InstantSurvey gives you the power to easily gather online feedback from customers, employees, partners and more.

ioxphere (
You can build and publish interactive forms and surveys. Create browser based forms for surveys, polls, and/or product registration. Pre-built form templates enable rapid and incremental form development.

Jobber (
Measure the job satisfaction easy with Jobber. Complete webbased invitations are send by mail or by post. (
Offers you an immediate solution for creating and distributing an online survey. For larger companies, our Software Development Group can also help your business integrate this survey application into your enterprise system.

MeasureNow Culture/Quality Survey (
MeasureNow enables your employees to effectively and confidentially provide valuable feedback. MeasureNow averages over a 80% survey response rate. We offer award winning internet tools to collect employee or customer data and then provide the metrics to communicate organizational climate and employee opinions.

National Business Research Institute (
Measure Customer and Employee Satisfaction with NBRI Surveys. Free Survey Demonstrations and valuable White Papers.

National Learning Institute (
For over 10 years we have been providing 360 feedback surveys, employee surveys, online learning, blended learning and training support materials that help people learn and develop. Visit our Resource Data Base for free articles, tips, techniques and tools on how to develop managerial and leadership expertise.

NBRI has over 30 years of experience in conducting scientific, psychological research for businesses. We have identified the issues (ClearPath Research) that are universal to all organizations. And, we have thousands of standardized survey questions that have been used by thousands of organizations and millions of people. These questions are pure, concise, and actionable. NBRI has benchmarking data (ClearPath Benchmarking) for all of these survey questions, so Clients know immediately if their scores are high, low, or average.

Nobscot Corporation (
Offers award winning WebExit, exit interview management system. Web-based system automatically captures, tracks, analyzes and reports on exit data. Pinpoints reasons for costly employee turnover.

Organized Change Consultancy (
We at Organized Change Consultancy are experts in employee surveys, as we know that employee survey is a key part in corporate world to grow for both company and employee.

Organized Change Consultancy (
We organized change consultancy are expert in employee survey, as we know that employee survey is a key part in corporate world to grow for both company and employee.

PeopleMetrics - Voice of the Customer (
PeopleMetrics provides Voice of the Customer (VoC) solutions. We provide real-time feedback and guidance on customer engagement strategies.

PeoplePulse - Online Survey Software (
PeoplePulse is a cost effective online survey and feedback tool that uses a simple web-based (ASP) interface enabling clients to design, manage, deploy and report results on customised surveys and questionnaires from any browser, anywhere. Developed in Australia.

People Surveys (
User-friendly online survey platform for HR and people management professionals. Full cross tabulation of results online, survey tracking and many many more features. Visit us at

Perception Mapping Employee Surveys (
Identify issues in your organization before the impact the bottom line. Our organizational development tools measure key aspects of your environment in real time. Measure your organization against world's best practices with our free report.

Performance Programs (
PPI helps organizations understand how people act, think, feel, and fit in their workplaces. We are expert providers of employee satisfaction and morale surveys, personality tests, 360 feedback, work-life balance assessment, and expatriate candidate assessment

Pilat HR Solutions (
Pilat is a leading global Human Resources Consultancy, Software-house and Services company. Since 1974, Pilat has specialized in helping organizations automate and integrate their strategic processes for Leadership Development. Pilat offers a flexible, complimentary range of talent management products and services that focus on Performance & Development Management, Competency-based Succession Planning, Compensation, 360 Multi-rater Feedback and Data Analytics. Either an ASP or In-house project, our team insures a rapid, yet highly effective implementation for your HR needs.

Quantisoft - Employee and Customer Surveys (
Quantisoft conducts a wide range of full-service employee satisfaction, employee retention, benefits opinion, leadership and organizational effectiveness surveys, increeasing employee and business performance

Questar Organizational Insights Group (
Our approach integrates expert consultation on survey techniques, knowledge of statistical analysis procedures, superior data capture processes and the latest in data display software.

Quo Group (
Creative Change programmes use innovative thinking, behavioural methodologies and leading-edge assessment tools.

RemuNet - SurveyLive (
SurveyLive provides our clients the ability to easily create custom surveys. With it they can view, edit, share, analyze and report - qualitative & quantitative - HR/C&B market intelligence.

Snap Poll _ internal communications tools (
Snap Poll can act as a quick and easy 'temperature check' on issues important to your business.

Survale (
Survale's Candidate Experience and Employee Feedback platform always companies to quickly understand their candidate and employee experience.

Survey Genie, The (
Survey software for employee surveys and customer/market research surveys.

Surveys (
Create web based surveys and questionnaires with your web browser

Survey Systems, Inc. (
Survey Systems provides OMR software, scanners, and services including form design, printing, slugging and scanning for use in data collection surveys.

SurveyWriter, Inc. (
Use to conduct employee surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, employee testing, 360-degree assessments. No programming experience necessary. Free, no obligation trial.

TalentSmart, Inc. (
TalentSmart helps people and organizations reach their potential. Our products build skills and bring insight. Our services deliver innovative talent acquisition and development strategies. Our specialties are 360 Degree Feedback, Performance Appraisals, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Development and Organizational Development.

TNS Employee Insights (
A premier provider of world-class survey solutions including online and paper surveys, reporting and action planning. We serve multinational clients as well as clients from all over the world and we do it with full support for virtually all languages of the world.

TrainingCheck (
TrainingCheck is the ideal tool for evaluating all types of training events, workshops, conferences and other learning activities. It allows you to: Create expert training evaluations easily - Fully customise and control them - Collect feedback by email, on paper or online - Analyse and report professionally - Measure Return on Investment

TruQu (
TruQu offers an app and online software for employees to get continuous real-time feedback, 360 degree feedback and peer-to-peer feedback. Suitable for every organization.

VantagePoint Enterprise Survey Software from NetReflector (
VantagePoint survey software provides an easy to use enterprise-strength platform from which you can collect and manage survey feedback from your employees, customers and/or partners and deliver vivid, custom dashboards of your results to critical stakeholders in real-time. Unlimited user accounts and the industry's most cost-effective enterprise pricing make VantagePoint the perfect feedback solution for your department or your entire organization.

viRTF (
Don't wait until year-end reviews to give your people feedback and coaching. Our software creates a precision feedback system that captures the nuances of performance and continuously improves client work.

Vision Metrics (
Vision Metrics helps organizations leverage human capital and organizational performance & development and offers marketing instrumentation tools

Vovici Online Survey Software (
Vovici's EFM Feedback is an award-winning survey solution for creating, conducting and analyzing online surveys in a secure, hosted environment.

William Steinberg Consultants Inc (
Survey Tools for Windows is the market leading employee survey software. Versions are available for employee, 360 and customer surveys. A fully functional demo may be downloaded at no charge. The site also has numerous articles on conducting surveys.

ZipSurvey (
Online survey software by is a web-hosted research application developed and supported by Ph.D. level I/O psychologists for business and HR consultants, market researchers, professionals, students or anyone interested in conducting online research quickly and affordably.