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Employee/Personnel Scheduling

Employee/Personnel Scheduling Software

Abacus21 (
Abacus 21 has been in the hospitality systems business since 1981 -- providing the most advanced, turnkey, modular, and expandable systems of proven software.

AccuLynx Roofing Software (
Web based software designed primarily for the roofing industry; lets you track and manage customers, estimates, and work crews.

actiPLANS (
actiPLANS is a leave management system that makes the entire leave management process easy and effortless. It provides a clear view on the corporate work schedule and shows who and when is taking a leave. actiPLANS data allow managers to plan resources and make a realistic work plan.

AppointmentQuest Online Scheduling Software (
Online scheduling software solutions for small businesses and professional practices. Facilitates appointment schededulign between service providers and clients as well as personnel and resource scheduling.

Asgard Employee Scheduling Software (
Asgard Systems staff and employee scheduling software manages shift schedules, time off, attendance, absence and vacations. It tracks, analyses and automates schedule maintenance. Costly errors are reduced and adjustments are easily made.

Asset Point (
AssetPoint, makers of TabWare, is the leading provider of EAM solutions for companies whose success depends on the performance of their assets. TabWare is a proven Enterprise Asset Management software solution for managing assets, work orders, preventive maintenance, inventory and purchasing.

Atlas Business Solutions (
The latest in employee scheduling and human resource (HR) software technology. No matter your type of business, or its number of employees, these powerful and flexible software solutions can help lighten your workload.

BambooHR (
Access employee database software built specifically to make tracking HR information such as personal data, PTO, employee training, job responsibilities, benefits, contact information, hiring checklists, documents and much more.

The Calendar Planner, The Easy To Use, Scheduling Calendar (
For almost 4 years, the Film and Television industries have relied on The Calendar Planner™ technology to manage everything from department or staff calendars to the complex scheduling of big budget productions like "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory™", "Spiderman 2" and TV shows like "24". This easy to use, yet powerful calendar software is now used worldwide by individuals and small to large companies in a diverse range of industries.

Celayix Workforce Management Software Solutions (
Celayix Software provides advanced scheduling and time and attendance solutions to corporate and small businesses across all industries.

CMMS Software, Preventive Maintenance Software, Work Order Software from COGZ Systems, LLC (
COGZ CMMS integrates preventive maintenance, work orders, inventory control, and purchase order management. For all types operations, including: building maintenance, facility maintenance, fleet maintenance, vehicle maintenance, plant maintenance, equipment maintenance, preventative maintenance, hospital maintenance and hotel maintenance.

Crown Computing (
UK's leading supplier of time and attendance software systems to improve employee time and attendance and time accounting.

DRoster Staff Scheduling Software by Kappix (
New DRoster by Kappix manages your shifts, assignments and staff data. Free fully functional copy. No time limits. No forms to fill. Try DRoster for free now.

easyLog Staff Scheduling and Pay Analysis Software (
easyLog's staff scheduling solution helps organisations with complex pay structures and requirements. Its features include remote employee visit management and invoicing of staff time to clients across multiple locations.

Employee Scheduling Pro (
Easy-to-use Windows-based employee scheduling software for small and medium business.

Employee & Shift Scheduling Software (
Business Management Systems is the developer of Snap Schedule and Business Appointment Manager. Snap Schedule minimizes time spent on creating, publishing, and maintaining employee, shift, and rotation schedules. Business Appointment Manager provides a multi-user appointment planner for people & resource scheduling, billing, customer management, and reporting in a networkable software package.

eSchedule - Employee Scheduling Solutions (
eSchedule makes creating, managing, and sharing schedules with your employees a breeze.

EZShift (
EZShift is an automatic employee scheduling software that implements all specific needs of your company's shift schedule. Our scheduling solution enables schedule management on the highest levels, both through manual and automatic shift scheduling. The schedule maker organizes employee shifts according to the specific organizational needs and employee preferences of each company due to its smart & simple rule system, which eliminates errors and shift conflicts completely. EZshift makes employee rotation quick and easy thanks to its workforce management and automatic update, crew scheduling, swap system, operational reports, training and questionnaire applications.

eZworkforce – Staff Scheduling Software (
Advanced rostering software for internal and/or outsourced staffing management and compliance.

FlashAppointments Scheduler (
Online scheduler for service based businesses.

Gatekeeper Business Solutions, Inc. (
Gatekeeper Business Solutions helps mid-level private and public sector companies manage labor costs and maximize profits. Gatekeeper Business Solutions proprietary labor management software tools include time and attendance, integrated payroll, scheduling, and data collection devices.

Hakuna Staff Scheduling Software (
Discover how effortless employee scheduling can be. Our step by step demonstration breaks down how easy and efficient scheduling will be when using Hakuna.

Hello Scheduling (
Ensure your employees never miss a shift, with shift scheduling software by Hello Scheduling. Easily create shifts and schedule your employees.

HeresYourSchedule (
HeresYourSchedule is an online employee scheduling tool that allows managers to post employees schedules online, set email alerts, manage time off requests, and internally message their employees. Employees sign up for HeresYourSchedule and can check when they are working from their computer or smart phone.

Horasphère (
Shift Solution is a software solution for the planning and schedule management for employees that allows you to avoid costly mistakes by insuring that all employees are at the right place, at the right moment.

Hudson Software (
Who's-In? for Windows allows you to see 'at-a-glance' everyone's whereabouts in your office. You can instantly see who is In, Out, Busy, when they will be back, contact details, and much more. The 'StatusView' of each person makes it easy for your recepti

Intellicate Workforce Scheduling Solutions (
A leading provider of workforce scheduling and management solutions. Scheduling employees in a wide range of industries across the globe. Enabling companies to plan, deploy and manage workforce schedules easily and efficiently whilst improving essential communication within the organisation.

InTime Staff Scheduling Software (
InTime staff scheduling software is used by law enforcement, corrections, security and healthcare facilities as well as public safety operations such as fire, EMS and 911 dispatch centers.

Intrigma Scheduling Software (
Intrigma is a leader in physician scheduling software. Were focused on reducing costs, saving time, and improving staff morale for physician, medical groups, hospitals, and hospital systems.

JustLogin - Leave Management Software (
Go paperless office with e-leave, submit & approve leave application anytime, anywhere. Web-based Auto Routing leave application with Work Flow. JustLogin offers software-as-a-service model for online leave management software, expense management, office resource booking, electronic claim form, 360 degree feedback survey, online survey services and etc.

Knowledge Touch Workforce Optimization Solution (
Developer of PeopleScheduler, an employee scheduling solution for the food service, QSR (Quick Service Restaurant), retail and hospitality sector. This company also provides it as an on-line scheduling optimization engine accessible via an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet interface.

Kronos Scheduling Software (
Kronos' scheduling software allows you to replace inefficient labor scheduling processes with powerful tools for optimized workforce deployment. Our scheduling software helps you align your labor resources to the demands from your customers and your business. It also provides complete visibility into your available resources, which means you can make optimal use of your organization's entire workforce. ( provides an online, fully automated leave planning service for tracking all annual leave. It has been designed from the ground up to simplify the way leave is managed within a company. records details of sickness and other leave of absence to provide a complete and accurate picture of an employee's (or company's) leave. On a daily basis, Leave Planner .com will tell you who is in, who is out, future booked leave and the remaining leave entitlement of every employee. is available over any Internet connection and can be seamlessly integrated with your own company intranet to provide full online holiday chart facilities no matter where you are. Go to our site and request a Free Trial today.

Leave Planning (
LeavePlanning's employee vacation tracker uses a natural collaborative approach for scheduling vacation time. It's easy for both employees and managers to use.

Lightning Bolt Solutions - Physician/Medical Staff Scheduling Software (
Offers software that automatically schedules medical staffs.

Madrigal Software (
Scheduling and resource management software. Feature-rich, easy-to-use, cost-effective tools that help organizations and individuals manage people and resources efficiently and effectively will save you time and stress.

MaintSmart CMMS Software (
MaintSmart cmms software provides work orders, PMs, equipment failure analysis, inventory/purchasing, asset management, reliability analysis and skill analysis. MaintSmart manages, analyzes and reports on your entire maintenance operation.

MicroMain Work Order Management Software (
MicroMain Maintenance Management features an easy-to-use work order management system that allows you to assign and track labor, parts, tools, and other information for both scheduled and on-demand maintenance tasks. Work orders serve as the basic tracking document in Maintenance Management for repair history, preventive maintenance, inspections and labor costs. Individual work orders can be grouped together to organize larger projects.

MJC2's Staff Scheduling Software (
Real-time human resources optimisation software.

Momentum Staff scheduler (
Momentum staff scheduler is a scheduling software using a powerful algorithm to produce equitable schedules.

OfficeStatus In/Out Board Software (
OfficeStatus is an electronic in/out board software solution. It provides superior employee collaboration, customer service, security and management capabilities to organizations of all sizes.

On Schedule - Employee Scheduling Software (
Powerful, intuitive, unique, semi automated, fully featured online employee scheduling software. On Schedule the online scheduler makes scheduling a breeze, saving you hours and money in the process. Creates standard staff rotas or client visit schedules for nursing homes, home care, domiciliary care, clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, shops etc. Designed with simplicity in mind, we believe On Schedule is the best and most intuitive employee scheduling software available, without sacrificing features. See what you think.

OPEN WAVE - Workforce Management Solutions (
Open Wave, based in Melbourne, Australia and New York, is the developer and supplier of leading-edge workforce management software packages for workload forecasting, scheduling and training management.

Optimal Solutions (
Offers two scheduling software products: The first web-based employee scheduling application on the Internet. This simple to use application runs in your browser and is accessible to you and your employees from home, work, etc. eSchedule 3.0 eSchedule is a labor cost control tool that optimizes employee schedules for both you and your employees. The task of scheduling

Optimal Office Solutions, LLC (
Client Management System for Third Party Administrators of retirement plans. Designed by a TPA for a TPA. Special features include: Customized Reports within seconds based on any client or paln specific criteria; Plan Specs at your fingertips; links your clients with their broker advisors; communicate directly with Clients based on any criteria and save $$$ using the system's integration with Microsoft Outlook; Task Manager creating automated tasks for all pension related deadlines; track Employee Efficiency; log distributions and loans; and more All with the Click of a mouse.

Orbisoft (
Task Manager 2010™ allows you to manage all your tasks, projects and jobs easily. Free Download.

Personnel Tracker (
Tracker Suite offers a comprehensive Lotus Notes Domino personnel management, Personnel Tracker, which serves as a centralized database of all your crucial HR data, phone numbers, employee IDs, assets (hardware, software and even IP addresses), office locations, evaluation histories, benefit plans, work status and more.

Planday Workforce Scheduling Solution (
Planday Workforce Scheduling Solution simplifies employee shift scheduling, salary calculation and improves communication with your employees.

Projector PSA - Professional Services Automation (
Projector is a hosted Professional Services Automation (PSA) suite that helps project-based service organizations improve their operations. Its features are designed to support organizations ranging from small start-ups to complex global organizations. Projector helps organizations manage time and expense tracking, client billing, and project and resource management within an intuitive and efficient user interface. Powerful analytical reports and executive dashboards provide unparalleled visibility into operational and financial performance. Pre-built interfaces allow for easy integration with popular accounting, project management, and salesforce automation applications, and an open architecture permits integration with legacy systems. Projector costs as little as $150 per month with no start up costs, cancellation fees, or minimum time commitment. Sign up on our web site for a free 30-day trial or contact us for a live demo.

Quadrant Workforce (
Quadrant Workforce is a user-defined, configurable software and services solution integrating best practices for Human Resources, Staff Scheduling and Payroll into a single system. Quadrant HR™ is designed to improve employee processes from "hire to retire" for simple to complex multi-site, multi-position, multi-contract workplaces. Quadrant HR - Smart. Simple. Seamless.

Retain Resource Planning System (
Retain Resource is a resource and staff planning solution. It allows you to deploy and manage your resources (e.g. skilled staff, equipment and facilities) as efficiently and effectively as possible. Allocation of resources can be adjusted as and when required by circumstances. This allows you to take remedial management action before costly mistakes are made.

RosterElf (
RosterElf was created by business owners for business owners. It's magically simple, online cloud-based rostering software takes the stress out of scheduling staff. RosterElf also manages visas, qualifications, and shift swaps with ease. iPhone and Android App available for staff and management. Free trial of RosterElf's rostering software available.

RosterLive (
Web based workforce management software including rostering, attendance, ESS, pay rule calculation.

Saviom - Employee Scheduling Software (
SAVIOM is global leader in employee scheduling software, which helps in searching the right employee from a BIG pool of employees and allocate it against projects, jobs etc... Then it helps in optimising employee utilisation across the organisation and accurately forecasting employee requirements.

SchedFox Employee Shift Scheduling Software (
SchedFox Online employee work scheduling software is cutting employee shift scheduling and workforce management related tasks that is handled very fast and comfortable.

ScheduleSoft (
Rules-based personnel schedules for 24-7 shifts and manufacturing, transportation, government, health care and all services. Desktop to WAN systems reducing conflict resolution and schedule generation times by up to 95%. Download a free trial, take our challenge, and start making better use of your resources today.

Scheduling - Employee Scheduling Software (
With Scheduling, you can make the schedule and get back to work. Scheduling remembers what times people can work. If someone requested a day off, you get a little reminder when trying to scheduling them. When you're done making the schedule, hitting "Post Schedule" automatically emails it to everyone and lets them know when they work. No more calling to get their shifts!

ServiceCEO (
ServiceCEO is the most widely used Field Service Scheduling Software. Manage jobs, employees, accounting, crm. Manage estimates to close more business. See why over 17,000 depend on ServiceCEO everyday. Get a free demo at

ShiftNote (
Employee scheduling software and digital logbook tools for restaurants, retail, healthcare, travel, manufacturing and more. ShiftNote replaces paper logbooks and files with an easy-to-use online tool.

Shift Planning Inc (
ShiftPlanning Inc. provides online employee scheduling management software aimed at helping businesses with their employee scheduling. Interactive and easy to use, ShiftPlanning is next-generation scheduling software that delivers precision and speed to the business's scheduling responsibilities, freeing up time to concentrate on other demands.

Shift Schedules (
Excel spreadsheets to schedule your people to daily shifts and tasks and scheduling templates for hundreds of 8, 10 and 12 hour shifts. All software can be downloaded and used freely for evaluation.

Staff Rota Software-Findmyshift (
Staff rota software made simple. Create rotas, communicate with staff, manage requests and track your labour costs.

Staff-Scheduler (
This site describes DBI's staff scheduling software product, Staff-Scheduler. Staff Scheduler is the most intuitively appealing scheduling product on the market today, utilizing advanced drap and drop functionality.

Staff Squared (
Staff Squared makes it easy to manage onboarding, employee data and files, and time off in a web based platform.

Staff Trak (
Staff Trak Scheduling Software is recognized as the leader in client-server scheduling software.

SubItUp (
SubItUp is an MIT inspired web-based employee scheduling software solution designed to make managers and employees happier and organizations more profitable.

TempWorks Software (
staffing software

Thoughtful Systems (
For 25 years Thoughtful Systems' has been producing Scheduling Manager software for field service businesses. It includes all the features necessary for cleaning and restoration, maid service, HVAC, irrigation and lawn care, fire extinguisher maintenance industries, and many more. Scheduling Manager can help you become more efficient and save time and money. It's a breeze to manage appointments, perform employee job scheduling, and maintain accounts receivable and payroll efficiently with Scheduling Manager. Our multi-functional Windows-based software is a complete management tool. The Mobile App for Apple and Android platforms allows technicians to view jobs, get directions, create invoices, take pictures, and more from the field.

Time-Assistant (
Web based time tracking software for Intranet featuring employee timesheets and various reports and project management tools that include salary calculation, invoices and expenses, plus free-of-charge online service and PDA package.

TimeCenter Scheduling Software (
TimeCenter is a handy appointment scheduler which makes it easy to schedule meetings between employees and clients. It's easy to make your business attractive by letting clients schedule online in a few clicks. Appointment-Plus provides online appointment scheduling software for all businesses. Clients use the reservation software system for easy web-based scheduling. The leader in online scheduling gives businesses the ability to make appointments online.

TimeCurve Software (
Feature rich and inexpensive employee scheduling software designed specifically to meet staff scheduling needs of small and mid-size businesses, such as Home Care agencies, HVAC Technicians, Pet Sitting and Cleaning services, and in general, any business that sends employees out to service clients and/or locations.

TimeGate Staff Scheduling Software (
TimeGate Staff Scheduling Engine can optimize the management of workforces: lower cost, improver service delivery and enforce regulatory compliance.

TixTime (
Employee scheduling without Excel. Obsolete your schedule templates. Global Realtime Online Employee e-Leave Management Portal. ( is a Global Online Employees Leave Management Portal for employers to provide their employees with real time leave applications and approvals through the use of the combination of internet web forms and email system for effective leave management. It also provides an opportunity for its Affiliates to earn unlimited recurring income through its unique global referral program with their websites and email. Price: $1 per employee head count per year.

Wintac - The Best Service Software and HVAC Software (
Intac International is the publisher of Wintac, the best-selling all-in-one software for service contractors. Wintac handles all of your service and scheduling needs.

WorkPlace Systems - Rostering Software (
Staff Resource Scheduling module of workforce management software uses its optimising algorithms to produce the best possible combination of staff scheduling and planning for each member of staff for the relevant number of weeks forward in time.

Zenshifts Rostering Software (
Zenshifts lets you create your staff weekly roster within minutes, from your phone, tablet or computer. Share the roster with your staff through email, SMS messages and mobile apps. Its keeps staff up-to-date and in sync - any time that the roster changes, any effected staff are instantly notified and updated.