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Social Media Profile Parsing and Data Extraction

Gather information about prospective employees through the internet.

HireAbility (
ALEX CV/Resume parser supports Social Media CV, profile and Business profile parsing. The growing list of Social Media profiles includes LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Rchilli (
RChilli offers best recruitment analytics solutions including resume parsing, resume enrichment, social analytics, and semantic search. It is useful for staffing companies, enterprises, recruitment agencies, ATS/CRM and job boards. RChilli's resume parser manages bulk upload and arranges data such as name, contact details, location, skills, etc. into segregated fields. Resume enrichment provides complete candidate data through social media. Semantic match provides relevant resume/job matching recommendations through synonyms and keywords. RChilli's solution is highly scalable, robust, cost-effective that manages resume entries quickly and efficiently to streamline your recruitment process. Thus, get associated with RChilli to find the best fit for your organization.

Quickly review user profiles from LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google+
Textkernal (
Textkernel's automated CV parsing technology, helps recruitment professionals achieve increased conversion rates and attain significant time savings.
The CV parsing capability which simultaneously and automatically converts every CV or social media profile into a complete candidate profile in the selection-as-a-service™ system delivers time savings of up to 90% in the administrative handling of applications. Within seconds, the data is extracted and entered in the appropriate fields in the ATS. Recruiters can also automatically assign search criteria. selection-as-a-service™ now makes manual data entry a thing of the past.


47% of companies had viewed a candidates social networking site